Love is Not Free. The Price is 99 Cents.

Love is the price.   


…And Xavier Dekker long realized that this is the problem: love has nothing to do with the heart.  The heart is schizophrenic.  The heart is paranoid.  The heart is not only corrupt, but corrupting.  The heart is an all-round hot, sweaty, quivering mess.  The heart is the problem and uCupid removes this from the equation.

Mathematically brilliant but socially awkward Xavier Dekker has developed uCupid, a 99-cent phone application that purports to flawlessly match people with their ideal mate, anywhere around the globe.  His estranged brother, David, is a new father and downloads uCupid not because he’s unhappy with his marriage, but as a lark.  But unbeknownst to him, so has his wife. And soon everyone will soon download the app.  And soon everyone will be madly in love. But how can so much love cause displeasure?  And what is Xavier keeping secret about his 99.97% flawless app?

Love is not free.  The price is 99 cents. challenges reader’s perceptions of what love means, be it for one’s partner, sibling, mother, father, or child.  Like the title, the style of writing is both stilted and yet fluid.  It is surreal and yet realistic.  It is gentle and yet jarring.

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If you enjoy the book, please write a review for it at the Amazon site.  If you don’t enjoy the book, still write a review… but I hope you enjoy it, obviously.

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