The Most Boring Book Ever Written

Be honest.

Life is boring.

So now go with it.

Do you hit snooze or turn off the alarm? Do you take a shower or run the bath? Do you have a bowl of cereal in the morning or skip breakfast? Do you turn off the freeway to avoid congestion or stay on the interstate? Do you keep waiting on hold or hang up the phone?

These choices (and many more) await you.


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“For the right demographic, it’s a unique blend of nostalgia and adulthood.  It was laughing like an idiot at the simple brilliance of this very unique dichotomy…  Therein lies the charm of The Most Boring Book Ever Written.  You can read as much of it as you want to alleviate some boredom and walk away from it without the mental attachment to the characters or plot.  Or you can stick to it and infer some themes and more grand statements that may or may not be there.  Either way, it’s free.  You can’t beat that.”  Obsessive Book Nerd

“Clearly, the book is filled with mundane and ultimately meaningless details. It sounds boring as the dickens, doesn’t it?  Well, oddly enough, it’s not. The fact that is so mundane and boring actually makes it strikingly funny and strangely profound, possibly because it is incredibly relatable and true-to-life. The reason this book is called “The Most Boring Book Ever Written” is actually quite obvious once you start reading it, and it isn’t because the book itself is boring, per se. The funny thing is, once you get why the book has the title does, it makes the title less appropriate.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, just get the book and read it yourself.”   Silent Evil Reviews 

“I came across The Most Boring Book Ever Written … and couldn’t resist downloading it to see if it lived up to its title. Well, it does and it doesn’t.It does because the content of the book is tedious in the extreme: for example the first section of the book leads to the decision whether to turn off the alarm clock or hit the snooze button and stay in bed a little bit longer and subsequent decisions are of a similar nature. However the construction of the book and the fact that it is the reader making the decisions makes it interesting…  In places the book is very funny and at times you just laugh out loud at the sheer banality of life. Unusual, amusing, not really boring and worth a look especially”  Indie Bookworm

2 thoughts on “The Most Boring Book Ever Written

  1. Denise Villanueva says:

    I really like this book and I agree with one of the reviews I read about the book being a hidden gem that just needs the right reader to appreciate it. I read most of the book in one seating and I think that the author was very clever to make this book sound like a mundane story about a day in a person’s life when it is the exact opposite. If you read between the lines, you could sense that the protagonist’s life is not as ordinary as it seems and that there’s likely some tumultous changes on the horizon. I loved reading through the different endings and wondering about the unwritten parts of the story. This book also led me to reflect on life in general. We often feel like where going through life in such monotonous steps (just as the character in the first parts of the book), and we often take for granted the good fortune that we have in this exact moment. Cliché as it may sound, the book made me recall that age old adage (in it’s seemingly passive style) that all the blessings one easily takes for granted can be lost in an instant. I’ve always been an avid reader but have not yet left any reviews on the books I’ve read. This book compelled me to write a review because I truly think that it deserves to be read by more people. I can say that this book is now one of my favorites. It tells a story in a seemingly simple, unassuming manner yet the message it communicates is something that needs to be pondered on.

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