It’s (a)live!

The Adventures of Whatley Tupper: A Choose Your Own…

Well, it’s live, and available (for anyone who can actually find it) to purchase.

“The Adventures of Whatley Tupper” began as an experiment between my old friend, Daniel Pitts, and I back in 2003. I was young and had a little bit more hair then. Those were the days.

What was the experiment? We would try writing a choose your own adventure book for adults. One of us would write a section, give a few choices, then email it to the other. In this fashion, we emailed back and forth, neither of us having any idea where it was going, for three, four years. The only solid ideas we had at the beginning were that it would be about a janitor at a university, and… I think that’s it. We also had a rule that we couldn’t continue our own sections, at least not at first.

It was, without a doubt, the most enjoyable writing experience I’ve ever had. My goal was simply to make Daniel laugh, and his was the same. There is something liberating about writing something without pretension, without planning.

I’ll write more about this in later posts. And I’ll update how things go with publishing with Kindle books. I’ll even be honest with how many books I sell.

As of now (day 1): 5 books.  2 by friends and family, 3 mystery purchases (probably my wife not telling me it’s her)

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