Searching for Shan Won

Well, thanks to Google Alerts, I’ve stumbled upon this blog/op-ed/review of The Year We Finally Solved Everything that also relates to the very current grumblings going on in Washington regarding raising the debt ceiling.  Here’s a snippet from the complete post:

“After watching Obama’s presidential address, and Boehner’s (Republican Majority Speaker of the House) laughable follow up, on the great debt debate currently gripping the nation and stalling our economy, I found an even stronger parallel between current events and a book I recently finished reading.  The Year We Finally Solved Everything by Rudolph Kurkhoven , in a nutshell, is a book about making a choice to either face reality and deal with what you have been given or run in search of what you hope will be a magical solution to all your problems.  I highly recommend this book for your summer reading list, especially if your job address ends with D.C..  I picked it up from the Kindle store for 99cents.”

On a side note, I find it interesting that the reviewer makes it sound as if the book is actually set in the United States, presumably just to make it simpler to explain for her readers.  Perhaps she thinks it’s set in Vancouver, Washington?  Probably not…

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