A Dream Aparts

My A Dream Apart should be released by the end of the month–that’s my hope.  If not, a week or so later.  But, I’ve discovered that I’m not the first person to use that title.   So, to give complete credit to those who before me…

All I know is that it’s a paperback from 1981 and it was written by Lesley Egan.  There’s no description, although the cover with both a cat and a pair of scissors perhaps implies something nasty.  Or maybe that’s just me.

The image is small, but it sure looks sultry.  Originally published in 1995, here’s the blurb from Amazon: “Refusing to believe stories that credit her with being a descendant of a mystical race, Molly Sheridan meets mythology professor Matthew Redtree and finds her dreams transporting her to another time. Original.”

And last but not least…

And this is not a book, but a bootleg live recording of Paul McCartney from 1992 of a concert from 1990.  Not sure why it’s called “A Dream Apart”.

So in summary, something about a cat and scissors, a romance novel, and a Beatle.  I feel like I’m in good company.

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