The End of the Summer


The summer is coming to an end, and I was hoping to have completed my draft for Love is not free.  The price is 99 cents.  Well, I’m close.  I probably just about another 10 000 words left, so perhaps a couple of weeks now that I’m returning to work.  I think I’m pretty happy with it, but it’s really hard to tell until I’ve had some time to let it sit.  I wanted it to read like a dark comedy and I think it’s turned out like I hoped.  It’s definitely much lighter than my last couple solo offerings.  It’s about a pair of estranged brothers, one of whom is socially inept and yet programs an app that finds people their perfect mate with 99.97% accuracy.  From there, the book pretty much writes itself.

But, once that draft is done, I’ll return to Can Stuart Henry Zhang Save the World? and hope to have that complete by early 2014.  Like I’ve said before, that will be the last choose-your-own-adventure that Daniel and I will be able to work on for some time.  They’ve been fun to write, but they sure take up a lot of time and with Daniel so busy now with two young daughters, they’ve haven’t been the collaborations they once were, which was what made them so fun.

Well, the clouds are returning and depositing rain to the dry and wanting ground here.  Here comes the wet season…

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