The New Year Brings New Books

It’s 2014 now and back in the summer I promised that I’d be releasing two books this year and so far it seems like all it going (kinda) to plan.  Can Stuart Henry Zhang Save the World? is getting more and more polished and if I wanted to, it could have it ready at in the early spring.  However, one of the hardest things about self-publishing is knowing when something is done, as opposed to when you just want to see it released.  So, in the coming weeks I’m going to put it aside and let it rest for a couple of months while I start revising Love is not free.  The price is 99 cents.  Compared to a sprawling CYOA written by two people over a three year time span, this book should be much easier to revise.  I’m hoping that it will be ready in the summer, but again, there’s no need to rush.  For those of you who have signed up to my mailing list, I’ll sent out a newsletter detailing when preview editions of each of these will be ready.

Should be a busy year with revisions and releases and then (hopefully) plans for a new book.  Like I’ve said before, there won’t be any more choose-your-own-adventure books, at least not for a long time.  It’s all up to me now.  I’d actually really like to write something in the science-fiction genre.  Have some ideas for a book (very) tentatively titled The Sacrificed.  We’ll see if it ever comes to be.

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