FREE Stuart Henry Zhang this weekend!

This weekend (June 8th & 9th)the preview Kindle version of Can Stuart Henry Zhang Save the World? will be free at all Amazon sites.  This preview version is identical to the official release, but it also includes easy to access cheats that allow you to jump to many of the different plot points, should you choose.


This promotion is a “thank you” to those of you who have enjoyed Daniel and my previous choose-your-own-adventure novels.  Unlike our other books, Can Stuart Henry Zhang Save the World? has 65 endings that all revolve around a single (absurd) plot.  Not only is this the final CYOA novel that Daniel and I will work on (at least for a long, long time), it is the most complex.  When the book is officially released on July 4th, it will retail for $3.99.

Should you choose to download the free version this weekend, please consider writing a review for the novel before July 4th.  Reviews really do help independent authors.


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