Book 2 on 3 / 14 / 18

HowTheWorldEndsBook2So, March the 14th.  That’s the date that Book Two of How the World Ends will be available at, but you can pre-order it right now by clicking on this conveniently-hyperlinked sentence!  I just got my confirmation from Kindle Scout that they will not be publishing my book, which is to be expected when considering that they didn’t publish the first, but hopefully all those people that nominated this book will take a look.

Don’t want to say too much about this book, other than it continues right after the events of Book One, but follows Hayden.  The time frame is a little more elongated than before, with the plot spread out over a number of months, as opposed to a number of days.   As with before, this is not meant to act as a stand-alone novel, but instead form the middle third of a complete story.  However, there is a very definite ending.  In fact, when I first thought of this story (which came from a dream of a movie that I was watching), the story concluded here, after this book.  But what works in a  dream and works in reality are fairly different, I tend to think.

Here’s the brief write-up from the Amazon page (taken from the Kindle-Scout page):

The world has already come to an end. Now Hayden and four others—who might very well be the last souls on Earth—must contend with the notion that it may not be possible to know what happened on the 14th of August, 2007. Regardless of reasons, and against astronomical odds, they survived. But can survival be a means unto itself? Because if not, the cruelest fate just might be their perseverance.



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