Willow River Press

So, yesterday I signed a publishing agreement with Willow River Press (an imprint of Between the Lines Publishing), which is in the Minnesota area. It’s a small, independent publisher who are willing and (I think?) eager to publish The Sacrificed, a novel I finished revising well over a year ago. This will be my first foray in the the publishing world outside of self-publishing on Amazon and other similar sites.

It’s a surreal and largely anti-climactic moment one signs a contract. Especially when “signing” consists of applying a digital signature to a pdf file and then clicking “submit.” It feels as definitive as sending an email.

I’m very appreciative of the people at BLP who are up to the task of cleaning up and assisting in marketing a novel of mine. Just some guy with a germanic name who lives in Canada. Chances are they will never even meet me in person. I might be an AI generated program, for all they know.

I’ll update things here when I know what’s coming next. But for the time being, I’m glad that I decided to let The Sacrificed rest on my hard drive instead of rushing to publish it through Amazon myself. If nothing else, it’s something different. And I’m ready to try something different.

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