Everyone Likes Free Stuff

Yesterday I advertised a free Smashwords coupon (oh, what is it again… ah! NC77A at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/22598 ) on this site as well as at Kindleboards, DTP Community, and at Goodreads, in hope that people would take up the offer and perhaps write a review at the Amazon site.  After a little more than a day, 8 people have downloaded the full version.  The coupon expires on September the 7th (although I’m not sure if that means it can still be used on September the 7th.  If anyone knows the answer to this and is reading, please leave a comment).

So, I’m pleased with the number of downloads so far, although I hope they continue.  The question now is, how many people will actually write a review?  That, of course, is the important part.  My goal: 2 people.

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