First, the Smashwords coupon expired today, I advertised it at KindleBoards, GoodReads, and the DTP Community, and 15 people downloaded the entire version.  So, now the question is how many people will I get to review from this.   Like I said before, I’d hope to get at least two reviews from this.  I’ll have to wait and see.

Secondly, I can’t really tell what difference having my book featured on JC Phelps blog was for the day of Sunday because the free Smashwords coupon was also advertised there.  I did notice a spike in people downloading the free copy, but no change in sales from being featured on the site.  Unfortunately, I’m quite sure that JC Phelps audience for her blog is almost identical to the people at KindleBoards, which I’ve promoted my book as much as I can, so it probably doesn’t make a difference.

Other than that, I received an email from J.A. Konrath saying that he’ll be reviewing Whatley Tupper soon on the Amazon site (he’s been reviewing various Choose Your Own Adventure style ebooks in recent days in anticipation of his own similar book to be released soon).  That would be fantastic.  In fact, the very fact that someone like him with so much exposure is releasing a choose your own adventure book for the Kindle must be good.

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