3 Weeks’ Sales in Review

First, even with the change in price to $4.49, there hasn’t really been a defined/noticeable change in sales.  All told, things look rather constant over these last three weeks, still averaging a little under 1 sale a day:

Although that means there has been a slight uptick in royalties, although not a huge change, either:

However, this week, and I’m quite certain for only one week, I’m lowering the price to the minimum: 99 cents.  Like I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, I don’t think I’d keep this price long term, but I’m curious what affect it will have on sales.

And just a note: when lowering the price to $0.99, and thus switching to the 35% royalty option, Amazon informs me that the book will be unavailable for purchase for 24 hours.  Not sure why, but hopefully it won’t be out for quite that long.

All told, even though $4.49 seemed to work OK, I think I’d settle at 2.99 or maybe 3.99.

Also this week, J.A. Konrath releases his own Choose Your Own Adventure book, and I’ll have a post on that later in the week.

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