Ninth Week in Review

The updated graphs:

On Wednesday I had an interview go online at mustmutter, although I don’t know what effect that had.  Honestly, I haven’t noticed much of a difference in terms of sales from interviews, although the fact that they become part of the public realm online and can be stumbled on at any time by anyone is useful.  Blog reviews are more useful, and I’m still waiting on a couple more.

I’ve recently been informed that on Wednesday my book will be featured at Daily Cheap Reads, which I’m hoping will lead to a nice boost right before the end of the month.  I’ll put up a post about that on Thursday.

I mentioned in a previous post that I feel that I’m running out of ways to promote “The Adventures of Whatley Tupper,” and after reading a comment from someone on this blog, I’ve decided to release my new book much sooner than I’d originally planned.  I’m not going to detail the sales of “The Year We Finally Solved Everything,” but I’m curious to see what ‘cross-pollinating’ effects having two books out will have, if any.

And next week I’ll post my thoughts on what worked and what didn’t in my second month.

2 thoughts on “Ninth Week in Review

  1. camille says:

    I was reading a friend’s blog this weekend – someone who is very well published, and who is generous with this time and knowledge for newbie writers – and he said something interesting. He said: The idea of writer promotion is a myth.

    The thing you need to do to promote your writing is to write.

    A writer with just one or two books is like a bakery with only one or two pies.

    Of course, this is something I have always believed, so I guess I would naturally find it wise. But I honestly believe this – write more books. Write short fiction and sell it. Write and write more. That’s what will sell your books.

  2. rudykerkhoven says:

    You know, ever since I learned about e-publishing this summer, it’s given me renewed desire to write as much as I can. I now know that whatever I want to release, can be released. It’s all up to me. And I completely agree that a writer needs to write, needs to release. I’ve taken your advice to release “The Year We Have Finally Solved Everything” now, as opposed to in the new year. I also hope to have two new books released next year.

    It’s quite an interesting line: “the idea of writer promotion is a myth…”

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