Post-Christmas Musings

I’m currently in Winnipeg, a city where people tell you it’s balmy when it’s -15 degrees Celsius.

I’m thinking about 2011, my sophomore year.  My two previous books were both written before I knew about ebook publishing, and both were books that I tried, unsuccessfully, to get publishing through traditional presses.  In 2011, I’m not even trying to do that.  I won’t send out a single query letter.  I won’t write up a single synopsis.   I won’t wait expectantly for the mail every day, for month, awaiting the eventual rejection letter.  I won’t mail out a single manuscript or excerpt.  As expensive as KindleNationDaily daily sponsorship may seem, $80 is what it costs to mail out just a few complete manuscripts.   Those are things I will not miss.

I hope to release two books next year, the first being a new choose your own adventure book, co-written by Daniel Pitts.  We’ll be done the draft in a couple of weeks, and the release date is already set for April 30th, 2011.  I have both KND sponsorship and  KindleBoards Banner Ad scheduled for that day, and the plan is to have them promote the grand release of the new book.  Considering I want to have the month of April to send out advance copies, that gives us two and a half months to thoroughly edit.  It should be enough time, and the deadline has definitely motivated us both not to slack.  It’s all self-imposed, of course, but it keeps us working, and I think when self-publishing, these self-imposes deadlines ares important.  I’m very excited about this, the prospect of building up some hype, creating a proper release for a book.

I also hope to release another solo-work next year, but I’m working on it more slowly and right now am focused on “The Redemption of Mr. Sturlubok.”  I hope to release it, tentatively titled, “A Dream Apart,” in the summer.

In the late winter I’ll detail my plans for releasing “The Redemption…” and I will be offering free copies to people.  So, if you liked Whatley Tupper, and you’re actually reading this blog, well, keep checking this site…  all four of you.

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