A Week of Stat-Celibacy

OK, I spend too much time checking my sales reports. Not that it takes a long time to check, but I check way too often. At least 10 times a day. Sometimes a lot more. When I first publishing “The Adventures of Whatley Tupper” in August, I would check so often that it detracted from writing. Now, that’s not the case anymore, but sometimes I think it’s a little sad… and perhaps a sign of some sort of addiction. Not that a sales-report-addiction should lead to missing teeth and emaciated ribs, but it certainly can’t lead to anything positive, either.

So, I’m not going to check for a week, starting Saturday at noon. It’s an absolutely ridiculous challenge to myself–ridiculous because it shouldn’t prove to be a challenge at all. But I think it will be difficult. I wonder if I’ll lose sleep? Maybe I’ll end up being much more clear-headed.

Or maybe I’ll give up come Tuesday.

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