Whatley Passes 500

So, after almost exactly seven months, The Adevntures of Whatley Tupper has passed 500 sales through Amazon.  I’m not sure how others will take this.  I’m sure some will think, ‘That’s it?  After seven months?’  I’m not sure.  But, considering that the book tends to hover in the #20 000 to #40 000 range of the bestsellers list, that means that are a lot of books selling less.  So, I think it’s good.  Like I’ve said before, I had low expectations.

I do, however, have bigger hopes and dreams for The Redemption of Mr. Sturlubok, which is just about ready.   Right now, although there are other choose-your-own-adventure ebooks for adults out there (about 7 or 8 now for the Kindle, that’s it), The Redemption… will be the first follow up book.  It’s not a sequel, but it’s clearly part of the same series from the name and cover design.  I would hope that some people who purchased and enjoyed Whatley Tupper will do the same with this.   We’ll see.  It will be my first big test of the effectiveness of building a fan base.

And within a few weeks, I’ll be offering free preview copies of the book.  I hope some of you are interested.  Who doesn’t like free stuff, anyhow?

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