So, for the next few weeks, you can download the complete preview edition of The Redemption of Mr. Sturlubok at Smashwords using this coupon code: BF35E .  The link to site is here:

Although not the final version (there is still a tiny bit of polishing being finished up), it’s 98% of the final version.  And in some ways, it’s even more.  The preview editions include ‘cheats’ to 10 different plots, in case you tire of looking for things on your own.  This will not be part of the official release on April 30th.

So, feel free to download the preview copy.  But, I’ll be honest: I’m offering the coupon code on my blog because I’m hoping that anyone who downloads it will be willing to write an honest review for the book on the Amazon site at some point.   I’ll be sending out the same copy to various review blogs that have already reviewed The Adventures of Whatley Tupper in the weekend, and hopefully by the time the book is released, there will be at least one or two reviews ready.   Do you want to help me out?

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