How the World Ends (Book One)

So, I thought I’d try something new.

First of all, I thought I’d try to write a science-fiction/horror novel and I’m not sure if it ended up really being either of those two things, but I’m never a fan of straight-ahead genre specific stories.  It started almost three years ago as a strange dream (in which I was watching a movie, the plot of which became the basis for this book), the complete draft was finished back in September of 2016, and now I feel pretty much ready to release the first third of the story.

Book One, along with the other two parts, is not meant to be a stand-alone story.  It is quite literally just the first part of a three-part novel, but I feel that the story in its entirety is a little too long for most people to be willing to grab onto.  Plus, trilogies are all the rage these days, so I might as well try jumping on that bandwagon.  Each Book has it’s own story arc, rising tension, climax, but it’s still most definitely one story.  Over the last six months, I’ve been focussing on cleaning up Book One as much as possible, with the hope of releasing it this summer, and specifically on August the 14th, since it is a significant date in the story.  Why not.

But I also thought I’d try out Kindle Scout.  To be honest, I’ve heard mixed things about this program, in which Amazon effectively crowdsources the old ‘slush pile’ that used to (I guess the probably still do) clog up valuable space in the mailrooms of literary agents and book publishers.  Once accepted to Kindle Scout, a book is placed on a 30-day online trial where people can recommend it.  In the end, however, the Amazon overlords/editors decide which books are selected for a specialized type of book contract, not the voters.  One of the issues I have is that books being accepted in the Kindle Scout program are supposed to be “professionally copyedited, at the very least,” which in a normal book contract is something that publisher takes care of.  If a publisher truly likes your work, they should be able to see past a few typos and pay for that themselves.  But, anyhow, I thought I’d try this.  Like I said, I thought I’d try something new.

So, as of today, How the World Ends (Book One) has its own Kindle Scout Campaign page, on which you can read the first 10%ish of the book, look at a picture of me without a beard, and potentially recommend the book for a Amazon publishing contract.  The page will be active for 30 days, after which I’ll be told the results.  I really don’t expect this novel to be picked up, as it doesn’t fit into a clean genre/category, but why not.  And if Amazon gives me the rejection letter that I know so well from the literary agents of old times, I will promptly prepare it to be released on August 14th, both in Kindle and paperback formats.

So, if you’re reading this, why not click that link.  If you are interested in the except, why not click the recommend button.  And if you’re too busy to actually read the except, why not click the recommend button anyhow.  After all, doesn’t that summarize modern life?  Clicking likes and moving on to something else?


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