The Most Boring Xmas Special Ever Written

Boring Xmas Cover
So, today I finished a draft of what’s tentatively being called, The Most Boring Christmas Special Ever Written.  It started with an idea I had last Christmas, about making a semi-sequel to what is, ironically, the most popular (at least in terms of downloads/purchases) book I’ve written.  I spoke/emailed with Daniel about this for some time, but in the end he gave me his blessing to write it myself.  Daniel is simply too busy with work and his kids and life to put his whole heart into this right now.  I started writing the draft in May, and finished it, well, today.  Like I already said.

I’ve toyed with the idea of writing a sequel over the years.  The title would be very obvious (The Most Boring Sequel Ever Written) but I really don’t want to write any more choose-your-own-adventure style books.  I think Daniel and I have kinda beaten that to death.  So, I was thinking that this Christmas Special might be purely linear, doing away with the many banal choices that were in the first book.  However, in the end, I decided that the book would need something to make it a little different from a straight-ahead (boring) book, so there is only one choice, fairly early on in the story, that leads to two different endings.

The book is actually longer (in terms of a word count) that the original.  Like The Most Boring Book Ever Written, it follows the same ex-military person from the second person.  It takes place five years after the first, and incorporates some of the same characters.  What I hope is that it has the same tone and funny/boring flow of the original without just being a retread.  Only time will tell if I was successful with that.

Anyhow, The Most Boring Book Ever Written was a relative breeze to edit because of its complete lack of pretension.  I really, really want to have this Christmas Special ready by November.  What’s the point of having a Christmas Special out in the new year?  It’s too short for me to enrol in Kindle Scout (which is too bad, as I think it would stand a chance of doing well), but that will also speed up the process.

After I’m done with this, I’ll return to editing Book Two of How the World Ends with the idea of it being released in the first half of next year.

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