Five weeks in review

So, as mentioned in my last post, I received a big boost in sales early in the week in which I attribute almost completely to an active discussion in the Amazon Customer Discussions for a few days.  Over these last few days the discussion has pretty much dried up, and the effect on sales it quite apparent:

And the effect on royalties just as obvious:

Thanks (I believe) to those discussions, I had more sales last week (especially in the first few days) than I did in the week when my book was priced at 99 cents.   Like I wrote earlier, that single discussion made a bigger impact on sales than anything else I’ve done.  But, these last few days things are quieting down.

Tomorrow (Monday), I have my paid sponsorship for Kindle Nation Daily UK.  Most of what I’ve read about the UK sponsorship leads me to believe I should count myself lucky to just get a few sales.  If this is the case, then the UK sponsorship is way overpriced.  I’ll let you know on Tuesday with a detailed post on this.   It seems that UK Kindle sales at about 1/10th of the site’s sales, so I guess I hope to get a whopping 5 sales from that sponsorship.   At 35% royalties, that’s… not much.  We’ll see.

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