Kindle Nation Daily UK Results

So, some 24 hours ago, my Kindle Nation Daily UK  sponsorship went online.   The results are in!  The grand total of new UK sales is…

… none. I’ve had 4 sales until now, which seems rather normal compared to my US sales, but none from the UK since the weekend.  There has been a nice little boost to my US sales in the last 24 hours, although it’s a little hard to tell exactly since in that time my book has also been featured on Indie Books Blog, as well as an interview at Kindle Author.  It’s actually rather annoying that these last two free promotions ended up timing out with my Kindle Nation UK sponsorship, since I can’t really tell what’s causing what.

Anyhow, I’m pleasantly surprised by the affect on my US sales, and I’ll see how long that lasts.  However, as it stands now, the UK sponsorship through Kindle Nation Daily seems quite overpriced.  That’s just my experience, at least.

If someone reads this who’s had better success with Kindle Nation Daily UK, please leave a comment!

2 thoughts on “Kindle Nation Daily UK Results

  1. Jason Anderson says:

    Sorry to hear that the UK sponsership didn’t do anything for you – I’ve read of similar stories from other people. I guess things might change in 6 months to a year, but for the moment it seems like something to give a miss.

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