To anyone who used the Smashwords coupon for the preview edition of The Redemption of Mr. Sturlubok, I’ve found a couple of non-functioning links, which have now been resolved.  If you wish, you can download the updated version from Smashwords (I just uploaded the new document, and it should be available by Sunday, April 17th).

Speaking of the book, I will be uploading the final version and clicking publish on the Amazon site next Saturday, which will give Amazon a week to set up the book’s page, descriptions, and so on, before it’s official release on April 30th (on which it is the Kindle Nation Daily book of the day, as well as having a Kindleboards banner ad).  So, the title should start appearing on the site by the 26th or so.


So, for the next few weeks, you can download the complete preview edition of The Redemption of Mr. Sturlubok at Smashwords using this coupon code: BF35E .  The link to site is here:

Although not the final version (there is still a tiny bit of polishing being finished up), it’s 98% of the final version.  And in some ways, it’s even more.  The preview editions include ‘cheats’ to 10 different plots, in case you tire of looking for things on your own.  This will not be part of the official release on April 30th.

So, feel free to download the preview copy.  But, I’ll be honest: I’m offering the coupon code on my blog because I’m hoping that anyone who downloads it will be willing to write an honest review for the book on the Amazon site at some point.   I’ll be sending out the same copy to various review blogs that have already reviewed The Adventures of Whatley Tupper in the weekend, and hopefully by the time the book is released, there will be at least one or two reviews ready.   Do you want to help me out?

The Sell…

Mr. Leroy Sturlubok—a high-strung, loose cannon, take-no-prisoners kind of guy—has recently risen to the lofty echelons of society. He’s become a public elementary school vice principal. But when it seems that someone has broken through the defenses of his beloved workplace, a single decision leads to a labyrinthine world of possibilities.

Will he solve the mystery of his predecessor’s sudden (although beneficial) demise? Will he foil a terrorist plot from the afterlife? Will he team up with a telepathic elderly Japanese man who looks strangely similar to Sulu from the original Star Trek? Will he allow Tony Danza to film his new reality television show in his school? Will he find out just who the hell is taking all the damn photocopy paper? Will he return to his native Norway and lead a life fit for the mighty Norse god Odin, himself? Will he start a new life among those rude and wretched Canadians? Or will he learn the insidious secret about his ex-wife’s French fiancé, Andre Cartier? The choice, as always, is up to you: the reader.

With more than 100 choices, 46 different endings, as well as dozens of hyperlinked footnotes, The Redemption of Mr. Sturlubok contains enough twists and surprises to keep even the most hyperactive adult entertained. You won’t be able to help yourself from smiling—like a Kindergarten class during flu season, The Redemption of Mr. Sturlubok is infectious.

A note from the authors:

Rudolf Kerkhoven and Daniel Pitts have more than 20 years of teaching experience between the two of them. The Redemption of Mr. Sturlubok does not in any way reflect anything they have learned or witnessed.

In Exactly a Month…

In exactly a month, The Redemption of Mr. Sturlubok will be released, the culmination of an intense 8 months of writing between Daniel Pitts and myself.  The book is in the polishing the polishing stage, but it’s time for a preview.

A 16 000 word preview can be downloaded for free from Smashwords here:

The complete book has over 100 000 words and 46 different endings.  It’s longer, darker, and overall a better and funnier than The Adventures of Whatley Tupper.   I’ve also uploaded a new version of The Adventures of Whatley Tupper which includes the same preview.


Whatley Passes 500

So, after almost exactly seven months, The Adevntures of Whatley Tupper has passed 500 sales through Amazon.  I’m not sure how others will take this.  I’m sure some will think, ‘That’s it?  After seven months?’  I’m not sure.  But, considering that the book tends to hover in the #20 000 to #40 000 range of the bestsellers list, that means that are a lot of books selling less.  So, I think it’s good.  Like I’ve said before, I had low expectations.

I do, however, have bigger hopes and dreams for The Redemption of Mr. Sturlubok, which is just about ready.   Right now, although there are other choose-your-own-adventure ebooks for adults out there (about 7 or 8 now for the Kindle, that’s it), The Redemption… will be the first follow up book.  It’s not a sequel, but it’s clearly part of the same series from the name and cover design.  I would hope that some people who purchased and enjoyed Whatley Tupper will do the same with this.   We’ll see.  It will be my first big test of the effectiveness of building a fan base.

And within a few weeks, I’ll be offering free preview copies of the book.  I hope some of you are interested.  Who doesn’t like free stuff, anyhow?

Redeem Yourself

Daniel Pitts and I have been busily working on a new choose your own adventure book over these last few months, and we’re now about a month into the revision stage.  What makes “The Redemption of Mr. Sturlubok” special is that it’s the first book that I’ve written since learning about e-publishing.  Daniel and I laid out a schedule for ourselves several months ago, culminating with the release of the book at Amazon on April 30th, 2011.  So far, everything is going to plan, although it’s starting to get a little nerve wracking seeing how quickly time is flying by.

The plan is to have a preview copy ready by the end of March, giving me a month to send out copies to reviewers and do all that I can to build up hype.  Well, ‘hype’ might be a bit of hyperbole there.  But I’ll do what I can.   And I will be offering free smashwords versions to anyone who will be willing to write a review for the site.   If you think you might be interested in a free copy and be willing to help out an indie author, I’ll give some contact information in the next month or two.  If you think you might be interested, check out the site late March.   I’m hoping to get a number of reviews ready to be posted as soon as the book goes live on April 30th.

What does a choose your own adventure look like?

Now that Daniel Pitts and I are on the revision stage of our new book, “The Redemption of Mr. Sturlubok” I made a flow-chart showing all the decisions in the story. I did this before for “The Adventures of Whatley Tupper,” but it was by hand and is now long gone. This time I made it using a tablet and it took only a couple of hours. So, what does a choose your own adventure book look like?

Like this:

For those of you with some strange interest in the detailed diagram, click here: sturls map